Dancing With The Stars 2010 Week 3- Bristol Palin,Jennifer Grey, Audrina

dancing-with-the-starsBristol Palin received disappointing results of only 19. Jennifer Grey once again did an outstanding  job but was not the highest scorer with a 24 out of 30 and the next person out tomorrow? Our prediction is Margaret Cho the lowest scorer this evening at 18, is the next one out. Her jokes are funny, but frankly her dancing is a bit of a joke! The highest score of the evening went to Audrina with a 26 out of 30. She has most definitely became a contender for the top spot in this competition.

And as for Mike ” The Situation”? He is still struggling and received a 20 out of 30. We bet he is out in week 4.

As always the show is fun to watch and the judges are a big part of it. We don’t know if you noticed but Bruno has become the new Len this season. He is now the bad boy judge who is getting the most “boos” for being most critical of the dance performances on the judge panel. Wonder what happened, Len revolted? Bruno wanted to be the tough, mean guy? It’s still hard to believe cause Bruno plays the latin lover eccentric role so well…

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