Movies Released September 17th, 2010

Easy_a_australianYou really know Hollywood is reaching when they release a wide variety of movies in a weekend.  This week you see a horror, a comedy, a drama and an animated kids movie all at the same time.  None of them are really going to be competing for the same audience so it will be interesting to see which one of them comes out on top.

First up is the new horror movie from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan called Devil.  M. Night is only writing and producing this time around, which could give us an indication of where he’s gone wrong lately.  If the movie turns out well it’s his directing that needs a little work, but if it bombs then we’ll know he need to focus on directing movies instead of writing them.  This time around it’s a story about a group of people trapped in an elevator who realize that one of them is the devil.  It sounds cheesy, but the previews look good at any rate.

Does Emma Stone (Superbad and Zombieland) have what it takes to lead a movie?  We’ll find out this weekend when the new comedy  Easy A hits the theaters.  Emma stars as a wallflower honor student who helps out a closeted gay student by allowing a rumor to spread that they’ve had sex.  This not only helps pad her financial standing, but advances her social standing as well.  Before too long however she sees how people react to the rumor, and ends up wearing a scarlet A to prove a point.

Fresh off it’s TIFF premiere, Ben Affleck’s new movie The Town is also released this weekend.  In case you didn’t read our TIFF must sees post here, this movie is about a bank robber who starts a relationship with one of his former hostages while planning his last heist.  This movie has attracted a lot of attention, and sounds like another winner for the former Oscar winner.

And finally we have Alpha and Omega, a new 3D animated movie about a pair of lost wolves with opposite personalities who must rely on one another if they are to make their way through a foreign land and return home.  Animated movies usually do not do very well in September as the kids are just returning to school, so there hasn’t been a lot of hype or expectations for this one.

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