Movies Opening September 3rd, 2010

Going_the_distance_2010_posterSeptember is the month where Hollywood brings out the movies they are not quite sure what to do with.  Much like January a lot of duds are sure to jump out, but every so often there is a hit amongst them.

One of the possible hits this week is the long awaited Machete.  This movie has been classified as ‘in production’ ever since the fake preview for it was created for the Rodriguez/Tarantino double feature Grindhouse back in 2007.  For the longest time it didn’t look like it would be made, but then last summer the cameras started rolling on this movie about an ex-Federale out for revenge.  It stars Danny Trejo in the lead role (his first after playing many tough guys in close to 200 movies) and co-stars Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal, Michelle Rodriguez, Don Johnson, Lindsay Lohan, and Cheech Marin.  The movie looks over the top in both gore and action, but it’s sure to be a cult classic for years to come.

Going The Distance are for those looking for a little romance on the big screen this weekend.  On again and off again couple Justin Long and Drew Barrymore star in this long distance relationship comedy about a couple who travel back and forth from Chicago to Los Angeles to see one another.  This movie has been delayed a few times, including from last weekend, so it’s not looking very polished.

The final movie coming out this weekend is George Clooney’s new thriller The American.  The plot is simple, an assassin is hiding out in a small Italian village waiting to receive word on what his last assignment will be.  During the time there he becomes friends with a local priest and falls in love with a local woman.  Roger Ebert gives it four stars, and many other critics are calling it one of the years best.  The only problem is that this movie hasn’t received a lot of media attention and may end up getting ignored by most people this weekend.

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