Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘I’m Still Here’ Is A Hoax

Joaquin_Cannes_20002_croppedIt’s not really a surprise, but yesterday Casey Affleck revealed that the ‘documentary’ I’m Still Here that he made about actor Joaquin Phoenix’s meltdown and subsequent retirement from acting is a hoax.

“It’s a terrific performance, it’s the performance of his career,” Affleck told the New York Times.

Ever since a bearded, mumbling and confused acting Joaquin Phoenix appeared on David Letterman last year people have been wondering what has been going on.  At first everyone said that he was in the middle of having a breakdown of some kind when he announced that he was retiring from acting to become a rap star, but the longer this has gone on the more questions that have been raised.  The audiences and critics that have seen I’m Still Here have come out wondering whether or not the movie was real, or if it was a mockumentary.  Affleck swore it was real, as had other sources, citing that Phoenix had even gone as far as building a recording studio at his house.  The New York Times reported that most of it was not real “Not even the opening shots, supposedly of Phoenix and his siblings swimming in a water hole in Panama. Affleck said that was actually shot in Hawaii with actors.”

“I never intended to trick anybody,” said Affleck.

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