Jessie S and Craig M from The Bachelor(ette) and The Bachelor Pad Speak Out

Craig M. from the Bachelorette and The Bachelor Pad

How timely could this get? At the Toronto Film Festival after party for Good Neighbours, Craig M  and Jessie S formerly of the Bachelorette ( Jillian) and The Bachelor ( Jake) and most recently of  The Bachelor Pad  fame were mobbed coming into the event.

The Bachelor Pad came to a dramatic conclusion last night . In case you  missed it, Dave and Natalie won the $250,000.00.  We caught up with Jessie Sulidis and Craig McKinnon for an exclusive look at what happens on The Bachelor franchise!

Real Style to Craig M: So how real is the whole Bachelorette and The Bachelor Pad shows?

Craig M: It’s all BS. I’m not crazy and they need a lot of drama on the show. Someone has to be the villain, the cheat, the good guy and so on..

Real Style : Did you and The Weatherman really have a huge fight and issue between you?

Craig M: ( with hesitation) No. In any case we made up on the show!

Real Style to Jessie S: Did you and Dave really have a thing on The Bachelor Pad or was that all just for the show?

Jessie: It was fun while it lasted! We did have something brief.

Real Style: We were surprised that you voted for Dave in the end. And how real is Dave’s relationship with Natalie on The Bachelor Pad?

Jessie: Well, Dave and I are friends so I voted for him… Dave’s relationship with Natalie wasn’t real..

Real Style: What about Kiptyn and Tenley? We love Kiptyn, Jillian Harris should have picked him instead of Ed.

Jessie: YES , Kiptyn and Tenley are the real deal. Yes I agree Jillian would have been happy with Kiptyn.

Well thank god for small miracles , Tenley is a bit too much for us, but we’ve been big Kiptyn fans for a while now! Oh and another thing, yes Craig has big hair, but it looked good on him…but you gotta love the facial expressions, he even managed to do a good one for our photo ( which alas was not intentional)!

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