Celebrity News Round-Up: Gaga, Bieber, And Hilton

FAME_LADY_GAGA3Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have hired a lawyer to represent them against a comic book company.  Bluewater Productions have long created graphic novel biographies of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Kristin Stewart and Taylor Swift, but now their rights to do so are being challenged.  Lady Gaga’s biography came out in June and is all ready in its third printing, whereas Justin Bieber is set to see himself in animated form next month.  Their lawyer is seeking to block the books from being released, but Bluewater Productions isn’t backing down.  The publisher stated to WENN that “We are 100 per cent within our first amendment rights. We knew our rights on this before we jumped into the biography world. These are 100 per cent biographies on their lives.  We reach out to all the celebrities and some choose to work with us and some do not. If they do choose to work with us, we donate ads and money to a non-profit (organization) of their choice. We offered the same deal to Bieber’s people.”

In other news, it will come as no shock that Paris Hilton was recently voted the worst celeb role model.  Hilton received 43% off all votes conducted on WENN‘s website.  After three drug busts throughout the summer it is no surprise that she won.  Recent jailbird Lindsay Lohan came in 2nd with 23%.

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