Maroon 5 Concert Review

maroon 5 concertLast night in the sweltering heat, Maroon 5 put on an energetic concert that somehow had the heat rising even more.

To start off the music for the night opener Ry Cuming serenaded us with ballad driven pop music. Ry Cuming may have a nice voice, but he is too sleepy for 8 pm. It’s the type of music that would be nice for a relaxing Sunday morning. At a concert though, it was hard not to drift off while listening.

Unfortunately the popular Owl City had to cancel his performance due to kidney stones. So instead we got to get straight to the good stuff that is Maroon 5.

After what felt like forever, Maroon 5 finally hit the stage bursting with energy. Starting with their new single “Misery” from their upcoming album, Maroon 5 weren’t going let a little heat wave get in the way of them rocking out.

And rock they did! Maroon 5 have had a lot of downtime since their last record; they seem to have spent that time perfecting their music craft until they could really rock a stage. Long guitar and drum solos in their poppy music were a delightful surprise. At points you could almost call them a jam band for how long they drew out the songs like the big finale of “This Love.” The band played music off of all of their albums, including three new songs, so the set pleased everyone from long time fans to those who just wanted to hear the singles.

Since we have all heard their singles a thousand times, it was nice of them to change it up for us and themselves. Songs like “Harder To Breath” and “Wake Up Call” were still recognizable, but Maroon 5 brought a different beat to the music.

The highlight for probably everyone was when they slowed things down for an amazing cover of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” and then their own huge hit “She Will Be Loved.” Finishing off the night with an encore of “Makes Me Wonder” and “Sunday Morning,” Maroon 5 had the whole amphitheatre singing and dancing.

Whether you go for the music, the dancing or to see singer Adam Levine take off his shirt, Maroon 5 are pretty much a guaranteed good time. Many people dismiss them as a pop band, but they have been playing music for years. You can see the dedication and hard work in their stage show.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is the new Maroon 5 video for their latest single Misery.

[youtube 6g6g2mvItp4]

[photo via Tango Mango 68]

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