Lights CD Review

lights acoustic cdI’m not much of a fan of Lights’ music despite her Juno award and growing fame. Her voice is too small and the music too electronic for my taste. But give the girl an acoustic guitar and I am apparently behind the music 100 per cent.

In just five songs, Lights has made me understand her music more. On this acoustic cd she shows off her raw talent. This pint sized Canadian singer has some power behind her voice. Her music actually translates to the acoustic guitar well. Her cover of punk rock song “Fall Back Down” by Rancid is surprisingly good for a singer whose music is so different.

If you are a Lights fan than this cd will be a real treat for you to experience a new side to her music.

Here’s a video of Lights performing her hit song “Saviour” acoustic:

[youtube Qjg72ib-pFA]

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