Dina Lohan Defends Lindsay On The Today Show

While her daughter spends time in rehab, Dina Lohan appeared on The Today Show this morning to defend Lindsay Lohan.

Dina Lohan told host Matt Lauer she didn’t think Lindsay deserved to be sent to jail for her DUI. She said Lindsay is “still paying the price for 2007” and that she has changed and “grown up considerably.” Dina Lohan said she believes her daughter is a different person because she is much older now.

Dina defended Lindsay’s actions and her own as a parent calling everything we hear in the news “propaganda.” She repeatedly claimed the judge played “hardball.” She wouldn’t put any of the blame on Lindsay herself.

She said despite everything, Lindsay is doing “wonderful” in rehab. Lindsay is expected to get out of rehab earlier than the 90 days she was sentenced. We’ll see if it actually changed anything.

Watch Dina Lohan’s Today Show interview here:

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