Sandra Bullock, Blake Lively, And Lenny Kravitz Ask Fans To Speak Up For The Gulf

Movie and television stars, sports stars, musicians and even celebrity chefs have all come together to ask people to sign a petition to force the American government to fund a plan to restore the gulf after the BP oil spill disaster.

Sandra Bullock, Blake Lively, John Goodman, Lenny Kravitz, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews and Emeril Lagasse are among the stars asking for people to sign their name and be heard by the government.  It’s a program run for Restore The Gulf’s ‘Be the One’ campaign.

“What can you offer?” Bullock asks in the video. “Your voice.   Speak up.”

John Goodman asks you to be the one for sea turtles.

The campaign is presented by the Women of the Storm, “a non-partisan non-political alliance of Louisiana women whose families, businesses and lives were affected by Hurricanes Katrina and/or Rita.”

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