One Republic Concert Review

by music writer, guest blogger

one republicLast night in Toronto, a fairly small group of people got the chance to see One Republic live in concert. You may know One Republic from their huge smash hit song “Apologize” with Timbaland. Despite having that single and many more, the concert hall was not overflowing as it should have been.

The first thing you notice about One Republic isn’t that they are wildly talented (even though they are), it’s that Ryan Tedder is a little ball of energy you can’t take your eyes off of. He is charming, intriguing, looks like a lot of fun, and just happens to be really easy on the eyes. He is easy on the ears as well. Ryan Tedder could actually take the old cliché of singing the phone book to heart and make it a radio number one hit song.

During their performance, One Republic rolled easily through their singles, “All The Right Moves,” “Stop And Stare” and “Say” making music look easy. With Ryan Tedder’s experience behind the scenes as a songwriter (he wrote hits such as Beyonce’s “Halo”), it’s surprising that he is as comfortable in front of a crowd as he is. From apologizing for not playing a concert in Toronto sooner to sharing champagne on stage, the whole band looks like they have been doing this for years. Their new album Waking Up has possibly hit after possibly hit turing their concert into a sing along for those of us who knew the lyrics.

The highlight of the One Republic concert was seeing they are actually as solid live as they are on cd. One Republic are deserving of a large stage so they can play out their music in a bigger setting. Ryan Tedder’s voice is shockingly good at some points leaving this music writer with her jaw on the floor.

Liking pop music may not be cool, but with bands like One Republic playing music who cares about cool.

If case you aren’t a fan of One Republic’s music yet, here is their video for “All The Right Moves.”

[youtube qrOeGCJdZe4]

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