Lindsay Lohan Is Off To Jail

lindsay-lohan-21So Lindsay Lohan has to go to jail for 90 days.  How many of you out there didn’t see that coming?  Will she go kicking and screaming like Paris Hilton?  Or will she just accept that she broke her probation and walk in the doors with her head held low and start changing her life.  Regardless of how she handles her time, she didn’t handle herself very gracefully in court yesterday.  On her fingernails she had painted F*CK U, and held the finger to her mouth a few different times.  TMZ has the pictures here.

For those of you who don’t know, Lindsay Lohan was serving probation for DUI.  The judge yesterday handed out a 90 day sentence for violating this probation.  How much of the sentence Lindsay will serve is up for debate, but it’s looking like it will only be around 22 days or so because she is a non-violent female.

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