Lindsay Lohan Is Off To Jail

lindsay-lohan-21Lindsay Lohan surrendered at court this morning and was taken away in handcuffs to begin serving her 90 day jail sentence.   In all likelihood Lindsay will only serve 22 days of her sentence, due to overcrowding in LA Jails.  She is most likely going to serve her time in isolation at a women’s jail in the suburb of Lynwood.  This is the same jail that Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Michelle Rodriguez and Khloe Kardashian served their sentences in.

One wonders if any pictures will surface of Lohan wearing the jail-issued jumpsuit she will be forced to wear.

TMZ has been reporting on the topic all morning, even having a live feed from outside the courtroom running.  People can sit back and watch, or add their own two cents in the accompanying chat.

It has also been learned that Robert Shapiro, the lawyer most famous for defending O.J. Simpson and who was hired by Lohan last week to represent her, quit the case the night before she was due to surrender.  The reasons are unclear, but speculation is that Shapiro told Lohan that he would not represent her unless she agreed to serve her time and not try to appeal her sentence.

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