Improv Everywhere Reenacts Star Wars On NYC Subway

Of all the things you expect to see while riding the subway, a scene from the movie Star Wars isn’t one of them.  Improv troupe Improv Everywhere invaded the New York City subway system, and posted the video on Wednesday of the stunt.

In the video you’ll see Princess Leia waiting for the subway.  At the next stop several Stormtroopers board the car, and spot the Princess.  They arrest her and hold her until the next stop, when Darth Vader boards.  He scolds the Princess for being a part of the rebel alliance, and when the train stops next he and the Stormtroopers take her away.

Improv Everywhere is responsible for the frozen grand central station stunt where a group of people suddenly stop moving for a minute, and for the spontaneous food court musical.  What stunt they pull next is anyone’s guess, but it’s all good fun.

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