Big Brother’s Saboteur Is Revealed, Then Promptly Evicted

In order to try and boost rating on Big Brother, CBS announced before the current season began that one of the players was a secret saboteur.  Last night the identity of the saboteur was revealed and the person was unanimously evicted from the show.

Annie Whittington, the 27 year old bartender from Tampa, was revealed to be the saboteur to the viewing audience.  No one in the house knew her true role, but they still elected to vote her out first and keep Rachel Reilly instead.  This could make things interesting however, as the house guests could continue believing someone is trying to mess with them, especially since Annie promised that she had one more trick that had yet to be pulled.

Whittington was not one of the popular people in the house, and it was no surprise that they kicked her out.  Up to this point none of her pranks were really that great, as she only managed to padlock the storage room and hide an annoying beeping device in the house.  The house guests even mocked the saboteur earlier in the day for failing to cause much mayhem.

The Saboteur is an interesting twist to the popular reality TV show, but unfortunately another television show, The Mole, all ready has that as their entire premise which takes away from the originality of it.

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