Concert Review: Adam Lambert in Toronto

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Last night, only a day before his MMVA performance, American Idol star Adam Lambert showed Toronto his skills on the stage at the Wham Bam concert. Adam Lambert showed how he made such a big name for himself, so quickly.

It was a long day featuring a huge list of performances by music guests including Orianthi and Danny Fernandes. The crowd was excited and ready to party; From teen girls to lots and lots of mom’s who were screaming just as loud (if not louder) at the mere mention of Adam Lambert’s name.

When the lights went down and his picture appeared on the screen everyone except Adam was forgotten. To begin the drama, Adam Lambert’s single “For Your Entertainment” was played over the speakers creating a buzz of anticipation. Finally Adam Lambert hit the stage. It was clear from his top hat and fringe and feathered purple coat that this show was going to be filled with drama.

Adam Lambert’s set started off a little sleepy with “Voodoo.” Adam Lambert should have burst onstage with big moves, but he didn’t disappoint for long. Through his high energy tracks like “Fever,” “Sure Fire Winners,” “Music Again” and “Strut” Adam Lambert had us all in the palm of his hand. He has amazing chemistry with his backup dancers. The sexual tension he brings on stage is exactly what you would expect. He really is a performer in every sense of the word. That energy coming from him makes the show what it was.

He slowed things down for the middle of his set starting with an acoustic version of his single “Whatdya Want From Me.” While they are a little too show tune for me, in these slow songs like “Soaked” and “Aftermath” his huge voice really shines.

After an hour of Adam Lambert glam (which included 2 costume changes), he ended the show in perfection. “If I Had You” had all of the elements we got throughout the show in one perfect package.

American Idol may have given Adam Lambert his big break, but he has taken his career away from the Idol stigma. He has the glamor and drama of very few contemporary artists. You never know what he will do next. I can’t wait to see what he pulls out for the MMVA’s tonight.

[photo via Netmeg99 twitpic]

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