Super 8 Trailer From JJ Abrams And Spielberg Leaked

Iron Man 2, the summer’s possible biggest blockbuster hit, only hit theatres last night. We are already getting a glimpse of next year’s summer blockbuster hit – Super 8. At midnight screenings of Iron Man 2 fans got a taste of one of the most promising movie collaborations in a long time. The first trailers for the Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams movie Super 8 aired for fans last night.

With the amazing combined talent of these producer/directors, Super 8 could be one of the biggest hits in a long time. The trailer only gives you a taste of the movie’s premise. items from Area 51 are being transported via train, but on the way the train crashes and something gets out. Take the mystery and suspense of JJ Abrams’ Cloverfield and Lost combined with Spielberg’s panache for blockbusters like ET and War Of The Worlds. This will be an alien movie to match all others.

One very bad fan who brought a camcorder into the theatre has leaked the trailer for all to see. Check it out here and get very excited.

[youtube TilIi8qYSA0]

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