Conan O’Brien Speaks Openly About NBC

Last night Conan O’Brien’s first real television interview since leaving The Tonight Show aired on 60 Minutes. This time Conan was the one answering the questions about his rough departure from the show. During the interview Conan spoke openly about his departure from the show. Conan said he felt like he wasn’t wanted there and the relationship was “toxic.”

After everything Conan O’Brien went through in his fight to continue on as host of The Tonight Show only to lose the job to Jay Leno was obviously hard on the comedian. He told 60 Minutes he still can’t believe everything he’s gone through in the past year.

Conan O’Brien’s wife, Liza, also appeared on the interview standing by her man during this tough dispute. She said, “It felt like they never really gave him the job. They said, ‘We’re going to give you this job in five years,’ and they kept him with the company and he said, ‘I’m in it for the long haul,’ and I felt like they lost their nerve to really make a change.”

Due to his deal with NBC when he left, Conan O’Brien couldn’t give interviews that would be aired on television or printed until this month.

This has all been hard on Conan, but he already has plans for a new show on TBS. We expect it to be a huge hit, at least a first, when fans tune in to see Conan’s return to television.

Watch part of Conan O’Brien’s interview from 60 Minutes here:

[youtube dFMtQ5UKz-I]

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