Celebrity News: Christina Aguilera, U2 Tour and David Hasselhoff

Here are some of the celebrity news headlines for today:

Christina Aguilera has cancelled her whole summer tour. The singer was scheduled to tour North America this summer for her new album Bionic, but now she tells celebrity news sites the tour will wait until next year. She has blamed her upcoming movie Burlesque and promotion for her album Bionic for having to cancel her tour.

U2 have also cancelled their upcoming tour. Bono had emergency back surgery last week, which went well, but now the U2 tour scheduled for this summer has been post-poned. Bono is said to be much better now, but will need at least 8 weeks of rehabilitation and therapy to get better. The U2 tour has been put off until 2011 so Bono can get better.

David Hasselhoff is rumoured to be in the hospital again for drinking related issues. Celebrity news┬ásites report David Hasselhoff’s 17 year old daughter took him to the hospital for help. While they aren’t saying what exactly he is being treated for, rumour is David Hasselhoff had been drinking for three days straight. He’s been hospitalized numerous times for overindulging. Maybe this time, David Hasselhoff will admit he has a problem and get some serious help.

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