Interview: Emily Hampshire Talks About Being The Older Woman On The Trotsky

emily-hampshire-the-trotskyIn an exclusive  Real Style Network Celebrity interview we sat down with Emily Hampshire, the lead actress in a Canadian indie film currently receiving great reviews, The Trostky.

 The Trotsky received critical acclaim at the Toronto Film Festival last year and was also well received at Tribeca film festival. The Trotsky has had it’s commercial release on May 14 in Canada.  A funky, high school comedy The Trotsky is the story of 17 year old Leon Bronstein, who believes he is the reincarnation of Russian revolutionary, Leon Trotsky. He takes care to reenact Trotsky’s life including falling in love with an older woman named Alexandra played by Emily Hampshire.

The Trotsky was written by the movie’s writer and director Jacob Tierney when he was a teenager. 10 years later he has finally got the chance to release the movie starring Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up, Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist, Sorcerer’s Apprentice), Colin Feore , Sol Rubinek and Emily Hampshire. 

It is a fun, light-hearted film that is infused with lots of Canadian references, especially if you are a Montrealer you are going to love the inside jokes and local scenery. Some reviewers said The Trotsky reminded them of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but being Canadian we can’t help but be reminded of Bill Murray’s early star vehicle Meatballs . Released in 1979,Meatballs which was directed by Ivan Reitman ,was another Canadian indie movie shot in a summer camp outside of Montreal which went on to become a hit and win two Genie Awards.

For our celebrity interview we caught up with Emily Hampshire the lead actress of the movie. Emily Hampshire is a Canadian actress who has starred in Snow Cake and Made In Canada. She moved to Los Angeles three and a half years ago to pursue greater opportunities, but still makes it back home to create films like The Trotsky.

The first thing that strikes you is how young Emily looks and how tiny she is. Emily arrived at the interview wearing a blue Pink Tartan dress that she had picked out for the film’s Toronto premiere and very cool boots. In between talking about Montreal, Toronto and mutual love of bargain shopping, we did manage to get in a fun celebrity interview. See below:

Q: How did you get involved with the movie?
A: I’ve known Jacob Tierney since we were 19. We actually lived together in the same building we were the best kind of roommates: the kind with a door in between. Jacob wrote the screen play when we were teenagers, so I was supposed to play the younger character. But time past and I got older, Jacob actually tweaked the script for me to play Alexandra.

Q: What did you think when you first read the script?
A: I thought it was genius. Jacob originally wrote it as a drama, but changed it and it became a very funny film as a comedy.

Q: Did you have fun shooting the movie?
A: Oh yes! I felt guilty even receiving my pay. It was like getting paid to play with friends.

Q: One of the controversies in the media about the movie is the age difference between your character, who is a grad student, and Leon, who is in high school, and your romance. How did you feel about it?
A: See Emily’s answer in video below about how the romance became believable even for herself.

Q: How do you think the movie is going to do?
A: I think it will do well and I’m so proud of it. The reaction to the movie has been extraordinary. It was well received at the Toronto Film Festival. When I was sitting at the Tribeca Film Festival screening and people were laughing and clapping at the movie I was so proud to be part of a movie that is being so well received. I was texting Jacob and we were both just so happy.

 The Trotsky is in limited theatres in major Canadian cities now. Check for your local show times here.

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