Samantha Ronson Posts Clarification To Coke Tweet

In a follow up to the Lindsay Lohan tweeter problems story. Samantha Ronson made a point of saying on her blog that she was not talking know who. This is what Samantha Ronson wrote:

reading between the lines

i suppose when you only have 140 characters to work with, posts can be interpreted as intentionally vaguely specific. however, sometimes what i write is exactly what i write. no hidden message, no sneaky attack, just an observation. 

last night when i finished work at les deux i wanted to pee, it happens to the best of us. after waiting for what seemed to be an eternity (by calvin klein) 6 people walked out the door laughing and sniffling. unless they all had allergies and enjoy group urination, i think it’s safe to say they were lining their noses with cocaine. i choose not to partake in that sort of thing, but to each his own. i don’t care what a bunch of strangers choose to do with their lives, but my 7th grade science teacher said that if you hold your pee for too long and for too many years, you’ll have a problem with bladder control in later years. so if those club rats are gonna cause me to be a purchaser of depends when i’m older then i’m going to comment and judge and tweet. 

i don’t like having to write an essay on a two sentence tweet, but it would seem that everyone has decided that i was writing about someone i know. i wasn’t. so there.

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