Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter Problems

lindsay-lohan-twitterWhen you are someone like Lindsay Lohan, you need to be careful what you post on Twitter. Over the past 24 hours, she has more than one Twitter problem.

Lindsay Lohan has been making big celebrity news headlines by posting the picture on the left on her Twitter. Celebrity blogs have pounced on her. Everyone wants to know why she is posting pictures of herself with a gun. While it looks like a picture of a picture, is that really appropriate to show to world without an explanation?

To make matters worse, Lindsay Lohan ran into her ex Samantha Ronson at Timbaland’s birthday party last night. Lindsay’s actions at the party led Samantha Ronson to post some revealing tweets about her ex. Samantha wrote: One more thing- if you’re gonna be an idiot an do coke- do it outside the bathroom- some of us actually use them to pee in.

Since Lindsay has been having trouble in court these little tidbits on Twitter are horrible for her already tarnished image.  Is there ever a day in her life when there isn’t some sort of drama? Lindsay needs to take some time away from her world of parties and start fresh.

[photo via Twitter]

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