Justin Bieber Causes Near Riot In Australia

Little Canadian singer Justin Bieber has officially caused chaos worldwide. Australian Bieber fans nearly caused a riot at the thought of being close to him.

Justin Bieber was scheduled to perform in Sydney, Australia today. When the girls waiting in line heard rumour that Justin Bieber had arrived at 2 am, mass hysteria broke out. Crowds surged. Girls were injured. Reports say paramedics had to treat at least 10 girls for fainting spells. This is crazy!

Justin Bieber ended up cutting his set very short. He only sang his single “Baby” from a studio. He then told fans to go home.

Justin Bieber wrote on Twitter: I love my fans….and I am just as disappointed as everyone else with the news from this morning. I want to sing for my fans.

He followed that up by saying: Im very happy about the welcome and the love from around the world, but I want everyone to still remember my fans safety comes first…

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