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Do You Need To Moisturize Every Day?

While the golden rule has always been that you should moisturize your skin every day, we were wondering that that is fact or fiction. We turned to our expert, Dr. Nowell Solish, to find out if everyone should be moisturizing every day or if that is just a myth.


Cellulite Creams – Do They Really Work?

Every woman dreams of a miracle cream that removes or even minimizes cellulite, but is a cure to cellulite really in a bottle? We decided to ask our skin care expert Dr. Solish for his thoughts on anti-cellulite creams.


Toronto Beauty Hotspot – Pretty Beauty & Books

If you’re in the Toronto area and looking for a fun, beauty destination we recommend Pretty Beauty & Books. Pretty Beauty & Books offers shoppers a sophisticated collection of must-have ‘clean’ beauty products and books.