single girl valentines day

Anti-Valentine’s Day Beauty Treats For A Home Spa Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, or as some of us single ladies like to call it, Thursday. Restaurants and movie theatres will be saturated with lovey-dovey couples and over-priced menus tonight, and while we’re happy that Valentine’s Day falls on a week day this year and doesn’t get in the way of a perfectly good weekend of dancing and brunching with our friends, we still want something fun to do with our post-work evening. Enter the Real Style Anti-Valentine’s Day Home Spa Evening. It’s not every day that we take the time to fully pamper ourselves with beauty treatments like intensive masks and manicure sets, but tonight we’re all about it. Here’s how the non-committed girls at Real Style will celebrate our Facebook single status, as well as all the products we’ll be using for a night that’s all about us.