self tanning tips

How To Apply A Self Tanner Like A Pro

We all know that tanning beds are bad for your health, so that means we have to rely on dreaded self tanners for that golden glow. Don’t worry! We’ve got the best tips on how to get your self tanner applied streak free.


5 Tips For Self-Tanning From St. Tropez

With the summer getting nearer, now is the time to start prepping for bikini season with a great tan. We all know that laying out in the sun to tan is a dangerous idea, but many people are afraid to use self-tanner for fear of turning orange. Real Style turned to Sophie Evans from St. Tropez for her expert tips on self-tanning to ensure you get a golden glow. With Sophie’s years of experience giving models and celebrities their tans, you will be summer ready in no time.


How to Apply Sunless Tanner Like a Pro

With all of what we know these days about the sun and its damaging effects, sitting outside without sunscreen (or worse, faking and baking in a tanning booth) is a big no-no. Although the safety surrounding indoor spray tan booths is still out for debate, apply sunless tanner is still a great way to get a gorgeous faux glow. Scared your going to turn orange, get ugly streaks or have uneven colour? Read on to find out how to apply sunless tanner like a pro.