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Arctic Air’s Pascale Hutton Discusses Cold Weather Beauty

If there’s anyone who knows about having to alter a skincare and haircare regimen for winter weather, it’s Arctic Air’s star Pascale Hutton. Playing a bush pilot in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, her character Krista Ivarson faces lots of outdoor adventures, a lot of which are filmed on location not far from the Arctic Circle. Real Style asked Pascale Hutton to share her cold weather skincare and hair care tips.


Pascale Hutton’s 5 Favourite Beauty Products

Pascale Hutton, star of CBC’s Arctic Air, will be the first to tell you that there’s a big difference between summer and winter skin care and beauty products. The blonde beauty was sweet enough to tell us what 5 beauty products she can’t live without when filming up in Yellowknife. Here are Pascale Hutton’s 5 favourite products.