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Popular Celebrity Diets

Hollywood manages to keep itself slim and gorgeous, and we’ve all wondered more than once what the secret of the stars actually is. Is it a God-given fast-burning metabolism, plastic surgery, or extreme fitness techniques? In truth, it may be a combination of all three, but diet definitely plays a role in keeping in shape- you are what you eat, after all! Here’s a guide to some popular recent celebrity diets.


Harley Pasternak Interview – Real Style Takes You Inside His Home Gym

Harley Pasternak came from Toronto to become the most well-known celebrity trainer in the world. He rocked the fitness world by daring to go against the trends and introduced new lifestyle and exercise plans. His new Body Reset Diet, out today, is sure to make more waves. Find out more about the man behind the bodies of Megan Fox, Eva Mendes, Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian in the Spring 2013 issue of Real Style Magazine.