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Interview with Rockstar Health and Fitness Creators Sera Roadnight and Lori Rischer

Rockstar Health & Fitness creators Lori Rischer and Sera Roadnight have found a fun new way to work out. On Rockstar Health and Fitness, host Lori Rischer teams up with celebrities to learn their health, diet, and fitness routines. They’ve had the chance to work out with Hedley, OneRepublic and Patrick Stump, to name a few. We had a chance to talk to both ladies about their lives and Rockstar Health and Fitness.


Interview: Jayde Nicole Talks Fitness & Beauty

Canadian model Jayde Nicole previously made headlines as Playboy’s Playmate Of The Year and on MTV’s, The Hills. Now her experience keeping fit for the camera is taking her on a different path, teaching others how to get in shape through her Jayde Nicole Fitness system. We spoke to Jayde about her passion for fitness and got a few beauty tips from the model herself.