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“Nashville” Star Scout Taylor-Compton Shares Her Makeup And Fitness Tips


On the ABC musical drama series Nashville, actress Scout Taylor-Compton stuns as the quirky hipster Erin, who is a rising romantic interest of leading man Gunnar Scott (played by Sam Palladio). Off the screen, the 26-year-old Long Beach, California-born star is a genuine Cali girl with a love of minimalistic beauty and glowing skin. Real Style chatted with Taylor-Compton about her favourite makeup choices, foolproof skincare routine and best kept fitness tips for a toned, healthy body.

Nashville airs tomorrow night on ABC at 10/9 p.m. CT.

Real Style: What are your five favourite beauty products?

Scout: The Cover FX Contour Kit is my number one must-have. I will freak out if I don’t have my contouring kit. I like the black L’Oréal Voluminous Original Mascara, which is what I normally use on my eyelashes to pump them up a bit. I love my MAC Mineralize Foundation which I usually start off with. I’m now getting into Bobbi Brown Lip Color, it’s kind of a pencil lip colour. It just stays on really nicely. Also, the beautyblender, which is my little pink egg that I always have to have to blend in my foundation and do my contouring.

Real Style: Describe your best skincare tips for maintaining flawless skin all season long.

Scout: Always wash your face before and after a workout. I’ve noticed that it’s helped me a lot with my blemishes. Make sure that there’s no oil or any makeup on your face before you work out. When you work out, it clogs it up. You just always want to make sure your face is clean. My secret trick before I go to bed and even in the mornings is that I use rosewater. It freshens your face a bit.

Real Style: How do you stay active and fit, despite your busy schedule?

Scout: I’m a big meditation girl, into crystals and all of that. I was a big smoker and I actually quit because I started getting into yoga. I do yoga every day, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night. I think everyone can find time. It’s just a matter of pushing yourself, and whether you want to do it. I usually go for Yoga Sculpt, which is with weights. If you’re not a gym person, I recommend going to a class that has many people, so it kind of pushes you.

Real Style: What are your favourite ways to keep up a healthy, balanced diet?

Scout: I used to eat fast food when I was younger, like all the time. I actually got introduced to The Juice in Atwater Village. They have really healthy snacks and really healthy juices. The owner is a really good friend of mine, and she actually inspired me to eat healthier. I like to go to the farmer’s markets and get my vegetables. I’m trying to learn how to cook. I’m obsessed with Food Network right now.

Real Style: Do you have a favourite beauty icon?

Scout: Yes, I do! It’s Milla Jovovich. I love her, she’s just so fresh and strong. That’s someone who I look up to. She’s gorgeous, she has kids and she’s an action legend!

Photographer/Makeup: Dylan Lujano
Hair: Sergio Sanchez
Styling: Celebrity Stylist, Beatrice Nikole

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