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“Hockey Wives” Star Martine Forget On Her Favourite Beauty Products And Workout Tips


As a lingerie model engaged to Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Jonathan Bernier, Martine Forget is a French Canadian beauty with her flowing locks, enviable figure and glowing skin. The star of W!Network’s Hockey Wives is also the proud mom of a one-year-old son, Tyler. Real Style chatted with Forget about her must-have products, skincare regimen and best tricks for achieving a sculpted and lean body, despite a jam-packed schedule.

Real Style: Describe your favourite beauty products.

Martine: I’ve been using Clinique. It’s been maybe two years now, but I would try so many expensive brands and it was not working for me. Now I use Clinique and my skin is amazing. It’s better than before, so I use that all the time, in the morning and at night before bed. I put on the serum, day cream with SPF 20 and the eye cream. At night, I’m doing the serum, a night cream and the eye cream too.

I just started using and I love RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum, it’s for your lashes to grow. They look healthy and longer.

I always use a MAC lip colour in beige. I’m not a girl who puts on a lot of colour on my lips, I always put on nude colours. My powder is Smashbox, and I always use it every day. It’s a brown bronzer powder and it looks so natural. It doesn’t look like you’ve put anything on your face.

Real Style: Do you have a signature beauty look?

Martine: I think I can’t go outside of the house without my mascara. If I have a day where I’m going for groceries, I’m just going to put mascara on quickly. So mascara and lip gloss, you need these in your purse. Because I’m blonde, my eyelashes are not that dark, so it’s better for me to put on mascara than nothing.

Real Style: You’ve mentioned your skincare regimen. What are your tricks for achieving flawless skin?

Martine: A good night of sleep! Like they always say, drinking a lot of water and a good night of sleep! I try (now with the baby, it’s harder), but I try every month to get a facial. Sometimes they do microdermabrasion on my skin, so that’s just to take off the dead skin. After, your skin is flawless, it’s so beautiful. I did an oxygen facial, and it was amazing.

Real Style: As a lingerie model, what are your best kept secrets for keeping fit?

Martine: A couple years ago, I started doing Pilates on the reformer machine. That changed my body completely. I was just doing this four times a week, and just doing this. I don’t do cardio, just the reformer and you just see your body getting very tight and very strong. You don’t look bigger, you just look stronger and fit.

Real Style: What are your top tips for maintaining a healthy diet?

Martine: Now that I have a baby, I think it’s easy for me, because I want Tyler to eat so healthy. So every time I cook for him, like fish, veggies and rice, I’m doing a big portion. I’m eating healthy, the baby is eating healthy and Jonathan, too. We’re trying to eat the same things as the baby, so it’s a good way to eat healthy.

Photo: Corus Entertainment 

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