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Celebrity Nail Artist Gina Edwards Shares Her Tips For Gorgeous Holiday Nails


Photo: kissproducts on Instagram 

As a celebrity and editorial manicurist for salon brand KISS, New York City-based nail artist Gina Edwards is known for polishing the talons of stars like Kendall Jenner and Taraji P. Henson. With the holiday season officially upon us, Real Style caught up with Edwards about her best tips for festive nails. From creative inspiration to achieving long-lasting nail art, here’s what Edwards had to say about creating a perfect seasonal manicure in a few easy steps.

Real Style: What are your best ideas for creative holiday nail art?

Gina: My creative nail ideas would be definitely doing a glitter nail. It’s all about glamorous holiday. You can do it with glitter, or you can do it with jewels. You can basically take a snowflake, do a little bit of stone work on the side and then extend that. Do it with a steady hand, you can take white nail paint and then do an “X”. Extend it, do another “X” and then you have a snowflake. Very simple!


Photo: kissproducts on Instagram 

Real Style: Describe your favourite nail colours for winter.

Gina: My top shades have always been dark, dark red- a deep and vampy red. An aubergine colour too, I love that for the holidays. I like black nails, I always say that you can wear black anytime and any season. You take a black nail and then you add a little bit of glitter on the tip, and there you go. There’s a holiday nail.

Real Style: What are the biggest nail trends for Winter 2016?

Gina: Deep colours, more like a deep sage green and charcoal greys. Blue greys are extremely popular for the holidays. You may think blue grey is for spring or fall, because you get more of an undertone of blue with the grey and it’s gorgeous. Also, another favourite winter trend would be silver metallic grey and purple nails.


Photo: kissproducts on Instagram 

Real Style: Do you have any tips for making your nail art last throughout the holidays?

Gina: You need to seal your nail art. You can do that on the second day when you do your nail art to preserve it. If you want to do any touch-ups during the week, you can do that as well.

Real Style: What are your top tips for maintaining your nails in the winter weather?

Gina: For maintaining your nails and cuticles, I always tell people that we get very dehydrated in the wintertime. You lose a lot of your moisture in the evening. What you need to do is take a natural product, not a mineral-based product but something with natural oils. Use that at night to rejuvenate your skin. You want to wear gloves, and you want to add minerals and vitamins to your nails. One way to do that is with something that is vitamin-based with keratin. Put that on your nails as a base before you put on nail polish. If you put that on and then put on nail art for the evening, do that as well.

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