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Beauty Review: Yves Rocher Sensitive Soothing Mist


Photo: Yves Rocher

What It Is:

As the latest beauty addition to Yves Rocher’s sensitive skin care line, this botanical facial mist claims to refresh, tone, strengthen and protect sensitive skin. It is infused with sigesbeckia leaf extract, which is said to contain soothing properties for a non-irritating formula that works to hydrate your face. It also states to be made from natural ingredients with no alcohol, fragrance, colourants or parabens.

To use this soothing mist, spray a couple of spritz directly onto your face for a cool burst of mist to rejuvenate the skin and let it dry.

What We Thought:

With one quick spritz, the lightweight formula does work to provide a quick hydrating boost to the skin without the greasy residue of cream moisturizers. For beauty addicts with naturally dry visage, this can help moisturize the skin for a cool, refreshing burst that feels like you just stepped out of the shower. If rough exfoliants and harsh astringents have left you with dry, taut skin, its botanical ingredient can help soothe your irritated skin and restore its natural moisture. Once sprayed, the watery texture absorbs nicely into the skin for a supple, healthy-looking complexion.

We found this soothing mist works effectively as both a primer and a setting spray used before and after applying foundation by preventing flakiness and dry patches so makeup goes on more smoothly and stays flawless throughout the day. Its moisturizing properties give your freshly-done makeup a dewy finish for a natural, youthful glow. Even after a long day of work, we found our skin still looks radiant without appearing shiny or oily. Its liquid consistency is also convenient for quick touch ups during the day when your skin is starting to look dull and is in need of a little pick-me-up to keep your makeup looking fresh from the crisp winds and chilly temperatures in the winter season. Although it does hydrate and soothe the skin as Yves Rocher claims it to do, we didn’t see any visible difference when it came to strengthening and protecting our skin.

For best use, hold the bottle far from the face as you spray, in order to evenly distribute the mist onto the face and avoid drenching your makeup.

Pro: The liquid formula is light on the skin and works well to prime and hydrate the face for flawless-looking makeup with a dewy finish.

Con: We found it did not strengthen or protect our skin as it claims to do.

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