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“Sunnyside” Comedienne Alice Moran’s Best Beauty And Skincare Secrets


With her golden locks, fiercely outlined eyes and piercing gaze, Toronto-based Sunnyside actress Alice Moran is quite the bombshell in addition to being a funnywoman. The 27-year-old star of the Canadian sketch comedy series (which just aired its season finale last night on City TV) chatted with Real Style about her beauty regimen. Here’s what you need to know about Moran’s must-have products, favourite workout routine and best skincare tips.

Real Style: What are your five favourite beauty products?

Alice: Number one: coconut oil. I use that for literally everything. I take my makeup off with it, make my hair nice with it. Sometimes, I use it as a creamer in my coffee. Coconut oil for life!

I don’t think I can live at this point without dry shampoo. Because I bike everywhere, if I didn’t have dry shampoo I think I would constantly show up looking like a hot mess, so dry shampoo for life! I’m really into this red lipstick. It’s my jam, but finding the perfect red lipstick has been a ten year process. Right now, I’m very into this tiny little Marc Jacobs one you can get from Sephora. When you get into their VIB Rouge category, you can get this members-only red lipstick. I don’t think I can ever not be a member because I’m addicted to this red lipstick!

Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume is the most beautiful smell on the whole earth. I’m pretty sure it’s what Thor would smell like. I love a men’s perfume on a lady though, so I always wear something with a bit more musk, because I think it smells a little sexier.

I love liquid eyeliner. I think my face looks weird when I don’t have a little cat eye, so I don’t think I would leave the house without it on.

Real Style: Describe your typical workout regimen for staying in shape.

Alice: I run every night just because it’s the only way I can turn my brain off. Even sometimes when it’s rainy, I think I have to do it, otherwise I won’t shut down properly.

I’ve been doing the same crunches routine since the ninth grade. I learned it from my cheer coach. It’s 100 regular crunches, then 90 bicycle crunches, then 70 squats, then going back down in that order, going 60, 50, 40. Just all the way down every night. I’ll make myself do it, it’s annoying, but I can’t break the chains at this point.

Real Style: What is your usual skincare routine?

Alice: I’m terrible with skin, like so bad at taking care of my skin! But in the last year, I’ve been very into using my Clarisonic brush every morning and night to keep that skin nice and clean-  keep it looking not like pizza!

Real Style:  Do you have any tips for sticking to a healthy, balanced diet?

Alice: Especially when I’m on tour, eating healthy is the bane of my existence. I find that the only way you can really deal with it is to really plan ahead like figure out “Oh I really do have to get groceries tonight, otherwise there’s not going to be a window. I’m going to end up eating a cheeseburger and I’m going to feel gross.” So just making sure that I’m well stocked, especially foods that are quick to eat that won’t take me forever to make. In your head, everybody thinks that everyday they’re going to make themselves a beautiful quinoa salad. Then they’re tired and they don’t get up and the day gets away from them and they end up eating just a bag of chips! So I just try to make sure to not have junk food at the ready for myself, but I do have fruits and vegetables that I can just gnaw at whenever life is getting too crazy.

Photo: Dave Gillespie 

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