Beef Fat- Is This The Next Breakthrough Skincare Ingredient?


Although beef may be a nutritional source of iron and protein which makes an occasional splash on your dinner plate in the form of a steak, it looks like beef fat just may be the next beauty breakthrough.

Officially known as tallow, rendered beef fat is now making its way into skin care creams and balms. While the substance may not be a suitable fit for vegetarians or vegans, tallow is said to contain nutrients like Vitamins A, D, E and K and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Organic and grass fed beef tallow also offers lipids which can encourage a youthful, moisturized complexion. In addition to these lipids, beef tallow also contains stearic acid, a type of amino acid which is found naturally in animal and plant-based oils and fats.

This acid can nourish the skin, and has also been used to cleanse and remove excess dirt from the skin. Other than the cleansing benefits of stearic acid, beef tallow is also enriched with oleic acid. Also known as Omega 9, this compound is an essential fatty acid that can allow the skin’s barrier to function effectively.

For beauty addicts who are suffering from dry skin and are looking for a quick healing solution, beef fat may be a winning breakthrough ingredient to add to your skincare regime this autumn.

Photo: iStock 

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