You Won’t Want To Miss These Horror Movie Manicures

From Friday the 13th to Saw and even A Nightmare Before Christmas, you’d be surprised to see all the incredible artwork people manage to put on their nails. With Halloween right around the corner, now is the perfect time to give it a try for yourself, and with the below inspirations to draw from you might just surprise yourself.ExorcistAs one of the creepiest movies ever made,  The Exorcist has scared many people over it’s time. These nails are pretty creepy too. Photo: Instagram


While they aren’t based on any particular movie, these nails are pretty easy to replicate, and add plenty to the spirit of Halloween. Photo: Instagram


Friday the 13th created the slasher genre of movie, so it’s only fitting these images found their way onto nails. Photo: Instagram


Stephen King himself would probably run in fear of these nails based on his novel It. Pennywise never looked creepier! Photo: Instagram


What a horror movie mash up this is. Halloween, The Purge, The Walking Dead, and Insideous. We’ll have nightmares for weeks! Photo: Instagram


This is more calming. Jack Skellington wouldn’t harm a fly, but he might try making you jump. Photo: Instagram


And how about this, one of our all time favourite horror movies on nails. A Nightmare on Elm Street is known for it’s sharp claws, but they are a little longer than this.  Photo: Instagram.

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