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Candy Crush Perfume Is The Latest Fragrance


Believe it or not Candy Crush, the App that has taken over so many people’s lives with its addicting game play, has its own fragrance.

The fragrance is named of all things, Sweet, and if you play the game you probably just read that and heard the voice from the game. The 75 ml bottle is described to be a “blend of candied fruit and sweet orange blossom [that] gives way to the warm feminine floral heart of this fun yet luxurious perfume experience.” From toffee apple to juicy plum, rose petals and vanilla, the fragrance sounds like it lives up to its name. One bottle is selling for U.K. for 29,00€.

And if that’s not enough, they are also selling four miniature perfumes that come in colourful bottles shaped like the candies in the game. From fruity to floral, each bottle holds its own unique scent. Each bottle is like a small piece of the larger Sweet fragrance.

The Candy Crush Fragrance is available now on their official website A word of warning though, if you buy this, you might never be able to get over your addiction.


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