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Toronto Master Hairstylist Rob Pizzuti On Fall Hair Colour And Trends


With autumn on the horizon, you may be ready to transition your easygoing beach waves into a refreshed, revamped style for Fall 2015. Just in time for the cooler weather ahead, Real Style chatted with Toronto-based master stylist and colourist Rob Pizzuti about embracing the season’s latest hair trends. Pizzuti, who has styled celebrities like actress Nina Dobrev and model Petra Nemcova, also works at Blyss Salon in Toronto’s Yorkville area. Here’s what Pizzuti had to say about caring for your locks, changing your hair colour and embracing the best hairstyle for your face shape.

Real Style: What are the best ways to maintain salon colour at home?

Rob: You’ve invested the time and money for a salon color, always have at least a treatment at home. I personally Love BiPhasic infusion by Pai-Shau because it is a weightless, wearable treatment. It protects from heat and sun and gives the hair and hair colour incredible shine.

Real Style: What are some emerging Fall 2015 hair colour and style trends which you expect will remain popular in the next couple seasons?

Rob: This season is all about softness. We are blending out ombres and creating soft, blended tones that melt into each other. I think this ‘better than natural’ look will stay strong until next summer.

Real Style: Do you have any tips for going from a lighter shade to a darker hair colour for fall, or vice versa?

Rob: See a professional. Going from light to dark or vice versa requires certain steps that cannot be missed, or you will turn your hair green, matte black or the ever popular “soo orange.” You need a hat until your hairdresser can fit you in! Drugstore color is a lot of fun, only when your hair is natural (not coloured) and you are only going slightly brighter or slightly darker. In our salon, we always start off with the pre-treatment before we apply colours for these dramatic changes. These treatments will keep your hair glossy and bright and looking its very best.

Real Style: What is your best advice for caring for bleached hair?

Rob: I think everyone should have bleached out hair at one time! It’s very liberating to be the blondest of your friends, or in a social setting. To take care of it, you need to use incredibly rich hydrating shampoo and treatment. You can skip the conditioner and use a mask every shampoo. I really stress to make sure you see a professional to bleach out your hair for two main reasons. If it’s not done properly your hair can and will break off, and it’s more expensive to fix a bad blonde than to do it properly the first time.


Real Style: Are there any hair looks which you think will make a splash this season?

Rob: The latest trend on the runways are heavy bangs and loosely tied wavy hair.

Real Style: Is there a specific trend (such as style, length or trend) for hair this fall?

Rob: Bangs are back, also there are a lot of runways showing rich amber browns and warm vanilla tone blondes.

Real Style: We’re definitely seeing the shorter shoulder length choppy style on a lot of celebrities, is this a good look for most faces or are there some people it suits better?

Rob: I like this look for people who have small facial features. Bringing the length to just brushing the collarbone is much more flattering for a wide range of face shapes. Personally, I like this length more since it is wearable curly, wavy or straight and is a great transition cut before going to a short choppy style. The choppy style looks great, but it is more work to style at that length.

Real Style: Are there any hair trends you would recommend for a face shape, for instance is shorter hair better for a round face?

Rob: At Blyss Salon, we really suggest hair shaping and colour based on face shape and personality. A good stylist will ask you how much time you have to style in the morning and what you are trying to achieve, and work with that. Please know that ‘wash and wear’ is a crew cut, unless you are lucky enough to be born with amazing hair.

A good colourist will play on your personality and enhance your features. Texturizing the hair properly can make big hair slim and give you a tighter profile, but don’t forget that subtle strands of colour can also draw attention to your eyes, cheekbones, lips or collarbone. Stylists have massive amounts of training available to them now, so don’t settle for that boring kind of bob if you really want A-list hair.

Photos: Rob Pizzuti 

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