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Redken Hairstylist Jorge Joao Chats About Fall 2015’s Runway Hair Looks



As an international Redken artist and the lead Redken hairstylist at Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week, Jorge Joao chatted with Real Style about Fall 2015 hair trends. From the glamorous rock inspired hairdos which made their mark at Stephan Caras’s Fall 2015 runway show to a focus on the effortless updo, here are his top tips for achieving the season’s most stylish tresses.

Real Style: What inspired the hair look for the Fall 2015 Stephan Caras show?

Jorge: For Stephan Caras, when we got to the meeting, their inspiration was glam rock. So we wanted something that’s simple, fresh and still reads “today,” but delivers that message they wanted. We went with an aggressive side part, kind of that androgynous type of feel. It was very sleek, very clean and low volume. We wanted it to be asymmetric, so we took one side with high shine and pulled it back behind the ear. The other side was really straight, piecey to the base, so you had that kind of rock and roll feel with a little bit of glamour to it.

Real Style How does this glam rock hair look fit in with the collection’s runway looks?

Jorge: Again, it’s simplicity and it’s all about the little details that tell a story. In this case, it’s about that side part and taking it a little bit further than you would normally wear it. It’s the small details that can take an average look and really make a statement.

Real Style: Which products do you recommend to master the glam rock hair look?

Jorge: I would recommend Redken’s Fashion Wave 07 for those beachy waves and texture, [and] Fashion Works 12 for that light control and 24 hour humidity control.

Real Style: What are the best ways to embrace the glam rock trend if you have thick hair or longer locks?

Jorge: Don’t fight your natural texture if you have waves, embrace the waves. If you have more of a straight texture, keep it straight and utilize aggressive partings.

Real Style: What inspired you to pursue hairstyling as a career? 

Jorge: Hairstyling was something that I fell into. When I was young, I used to cut all my friends’ hair in my parent’s garage, only because I had a knack for it. My friends and family were the ones who convinced me to pursue what I was good at.

Real Style: What are your favourite hairstyles for women to try now?

Jorge: Right now, it’s simplicity. Keep it simple, don’t worry about the big, super, over-the-top end result. Think about the little details.

Real Style: Is there a current hair trend which you would not recommend trying?

Jorge: It’s not about not trying a trend; it’s about understanding your face shape and texture and doing what is going to bring out your best features.

Real Style: How can women bring their hairstyles from a nine to five look into the after hours? 

Jorge: Keep things simple. Use braids and dishevelled buns as an accessory. The effortless updo is always a big hit.

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