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Beauty Review: Rock Your Hair Spray It Hard Volumizing Hair Spray


Photo: Rock Your Hair 

What It Is:

This hairspray is part of South African-born and Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist Michael O’Rourke’s Rock Your Hair line. The product states that it will bring a 1980s style boost to limp locks, while keeping your hairstyle in position and offering all-day volume. The Spray It Hard Volumizing Hair Spray is said to offer a fast-drying formula which will lock out humidity and encourage shiny locks. It also claims to provide a firm yet flexible hold and to prevent stiff, stubborn strands.

What We Thought:

After an initial whiff, the hairspray had a surprisingly pleasant fragrance, which was a welcome change from the often harsh chemical scents of many styling products. We spritzed Spray It Hard Volumizing Hair Spray on our long, thick locks in order to hold in curls. Luckily, the spray had an effective hold and kept our styled tresses in place throughout a humid eight hour day.

However, for anyone who dislikes strong hold products, the texture and finishing touch from Spray It Hard may not be ideal. Although we were able to maintain a curl in our naturally straight locks, this volumizing hairspray also left our ends feeling crunchy. For beauty lovers who are coveting a natural finish, using less of the product may be a smart hairstyling move.

Pro: The hairspray had a welcoming scent, locked in our style on a humid day, and worked effectively on long hair.

Con: As this spray is quite powerful, over-spritzing your locks may lead to an unnatural look and hardened strands.

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