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Anna Sui Reveals The Hardest Part About Creating Her New Fragrance


Anna Sui’s latest fragrance Romantica will be released later this month, and it has been receiving plenty of attention during London Fashion Week. Her official website claims the fragrance “captures the essence of life, love, femininity and romance,” and is “Anna Sui’s homage to the joy of living.” That in itself sounds like it could be challenging, but in a new interview, Sui reveals that it wasn’t the hardest part.

Anna Sui told Allure that the hardest, and most challenging part about designing her new fragrance was getting the bottle right “I guess we don’t really understand that most of those beautiful vintage bottles were probably all done by hand,” Sui said, “handblown, hand-painted. And since we don’t have those craftsmen anymore, you couldn’t capture that same feeling until technology caught up. You can get that look now, because there are all these new techniques, like laser cutting, which you probably wouldn’t have been able to do ten years ago.”

The inspiration behind Romantica was flowers. On her official site Sui says that “I’ll buy flowers and love decorating them in my house. Flowers have the power to convey memories and remind me of special moment in my life, travels, fun times, my childhood, good friends. Their elegant shapes, vibrant colors, gorgeous smells make them very attractive decorating objects. Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning gives me a sense of quiet and happiness on a busy hectic day.”


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