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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Manicure – Review


The Hype:
An easy way to create a gel manicure at home in two, relatively easy steps with no light.

How To Use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Manicure:
The instructions are pretty simple.

Start with clean and dry nails.
Step 1 – Apply 2 coats of Miracle Gel Color
Step 2 – Apply 1 coat of Miracle Gel Top Coat.
Cures in natural light. No UV/LED light needed.

What We Thought:
– We loved the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Manicure shade options. Having over 40 shades to choose from certainly makes it easier to find your perfect shade for an outfit or season. We opted to try two different shades over a period of three weeks (a light nude shade called Birthday Suit and bright red shade called Redgy). First up, Birthday Suit.
– Both shades offered full, complete coverage with two coats, although we found that the brighter Redgy colour needed a bit more care with application.
– Personally, we’re used to a very quick dry time, but found we had to wait a few extra minutes for the gel colour to totally dry before we felt comfortable applying the top coat. Keep it in mind if you’re used to fast-dry polishes or have limited time. The top coat however, dried relatively quickly for both shades.
– Both Sally Hansen Miracle Gel shades offered up a solid, professional look to nails and both had a nice, soft shine that lasted.
– Both shades lasted over 8 days with Birthday Suit lasting about 12 days and Redgy about 8. We could have kept Birthday Suit on for an extra day or two if we wanted to (we find it easier to hide tip wear and small scratches with a lighter shade), but the darker Redgy shade started to show ‘wear and tear’ with tiny chips at 8 days and with an event coming up, we needed to remove it.

If you love the look of gel manicures and want the convenience of doing it at home, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Manicure is definitely worth a closer look. At a good price point (under $20.00 in most regions), it’s readily available at drugstores and department stores. Keep two things in mind: plan for Sally Hansen Miracle Gel to take a bit longer than your regular polish (at least the first time around) and if your very rough on your hands or plan to be doing something with your hands that could require the use of abrasive/harsh products (i.e. cleaning agents, paint), don’t expect it to last the full two weeks.

Would We Re-Purchase Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Manicure:


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