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Beauty Review: Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

Simple Skincare Micelllar Water

Photo: simpleskincare on Instagram

What It Is:

As the latest offering from sensitive skincare line Simple, this micellar water claims to clean the visage and to remove leftover traces of makeup. Simple claims that its facial cleansing water is created with triple purified water and Vitamin B3 (said to help produce natural emollients to hydrate dry skin). The other key ingredients are the antioxidant Vitamin C and hexylene glycol, a colourless organic compound that the product claims will dissolve your makeup and offer your skin a conditioning effect.

The cleansing water is used by applying the product to a cotton makeup pad, and then wiping the water on the visage. It can be used near closed eyelids to remove eye makeup, and does not need to be rinsed away.

What We Thought:

With its clear, odourless formula, Simple’s Micellar Water initially seems like a welcome shift away from the harsh, chemical scents and strong fragrances of other makeup removers. For beauty addicts with sensitive noses, the unscented and fragrance-free nature is an advantage. We were surprised by a slight tingling sensation after applying the micellar water to our skin. The tingling sensation eventually faded, bringing our focus back to the makeup removal at hand.

We found that Simple’s formula was an effective fix for removing concealer, foundation and blush at the end of the day. However, completely cleansing away stubborn traces of mascara and smears of eyeliner proved more difficult. If you’re an eye makeup devotee, it may take an intense application to entirely remove any leftover smudges, as we discovered that the sensitive formula works slowly on skin.

Pro: The unscented formula works for beauty lovers who want to avoid intense fragrances, while the product managed to quickly remove face makeup.

Con: Wiping away your eye makeup may take some extra effort and a second application.

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