Aquarium Nails Make A Splash As The Newest Manicure Trend


Photo: sugarballoon on Instagram

Just when we thought nail trends couldn’t possible get any crazier (especially after seeing the quirky trend of bubble art), an even more unusual nail trend has officially risen to the surface. we have found an even stranger nail trend. Although there are no actual fish involved and aquarium nails are not exactly what they sound like, the manicure aims to actually achieve the feel and movement  of water with a liquid vibe. The mani is created by layering and gluing together double-sided acrylic nails, and then filling the space in between the nails with a combination of glitter and either baby oil or water. Next, the edges are sealed with glue to complete the look. For an extra touch, additional embellishment, faux mini starfish and other baubles can also be added to the nails.

While we are not sure if aquarium nails are the best manicure for the office, we can definitely see some adventurous beauty lovers trying out this new crazy trend. In order to attempt the nail fad in a more subtle way, try sticking to pastel shades, and only using two or three colours to keep the look more simple and sleek.

Here’s a peek at the wild new aquarium nails, which have made a splash on Instagram:

aquarium nails3

Photo: clementinemcgrapth on Instagram 

aquarium nails 4

Photo: ladii_steel on Instagram 


Photo: nonaphilippa on Instagram

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