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UnReal Star Shiri Appleby Shares Her Beauty Routine


The Lifetime drama UnReal takes a fictitious look at the production of a dating reality show called Everlasting, and it stars Shiri Appleby as producer Rachel Goldberg. Shiri took a moment to share her beauty tips with us.

Real Style: How would you describe your beauty regime?

Shiri Appleby: I really don’t put too many products on my face. I just wash my face with Cetaphil or even just a bar of soap and I put moisturizer on. I feel like moisturizer is really important and that’s really what I do. I try not play with my skin too much I keep it really simple, really clean.

RS: Are there any moisturizers you like?

SA: Right now I am using Origins, but sometimes I use Shiseido, I’ll use Kiehl’s. I’ll really use just anything I have, it can be from a drug store, it can be something from a high end department store, something that makes my face feel soft.

RS: Is there anything you like for your hair?

SA: Yes, I use Bumble and Bumble, and I love to put a nice Kérastase oil in my hair to help keep it shiny. Sometimes I’ll put a Kérastase product on the ends to help keep the ends together. I am really into using a lot of dry shampoo lately especially since I have long straight hair. It kind of helps to add a bit of height and depth to it so it doesn’t just hang.

RS: What do you do to stay fit?

SA: I do Tracey Anderson and I play with a two year old all day!

RS: What about makeup?

SA: I use a lot of makeup for work; I try to keep it very easy. I use a Chanel moisturizer, I try to use Anastasia eyebrow pencil and a MAC bronzer and that’s my makeup routine.

Unreal airs Mondays at 10pm ET on Lifetime, Showcase, and Slice.

Photo: Shawmedia


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