Is White Tea The Next Big Breakthrough For Skin?


Although matcha green tea is well-regarded for its skin advantages, white tea may offer even more beauty benefits than the green variety. For tea addicts who searching for a new skincare regimen, this may be a beauty breakthrough.

White tea has a lighter taste than other tea varieties, and is also said to offer a greater amount of antioxidants. As white tea is not as processed as green or black varieties, it contains a greater amount of catechins, antioxidants which help to detoxify and protect cells from free radical damage. Smart Skincare reports that this type of tea is steamed after being harvested. This process stops oxidase, a type of polyphenol, from oxidizing and getting rid of the beneficial catechins that are naturally in the tea.

Originally from China’s Fujian province, white tea is also found in other Asian countries like Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand and India. The tea itself is derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, and is known for its signature pale yellow colour.

The skincare advantages of white tea also include increased UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays, anti-inflammatory powers and anti-aging skin benefits.

According to a study conducted by University Hospitals Of Cleveland, white tea extract can increase the function of skin cells and shield the skin from sun damage. As a result, white tea may play a role in guarding against the effects of aging and even skin cancer!

If you’re searching for a new skincare regimen, this just may be a beauty ingredient to consider.

Photo: iStock

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