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Erica Durance – ‘Saving Hope’ Star Shares The Secrets Behind Her Gorgeous Look

Erica Durance-CTV

Erica Durance is Dr. Alex Reid on CTV’s Saving Hope, but even in real life, she’s as busy as the Chief Surgical Resident she plays. Coming to notice as Superman’s girlfriend Lois Lane on Smallville from 2004 to 2011, the Canadian actress has since settled into her leading role quite nicely, thank you very much. Now expecting her first child, Durance is ready to take on another role: that of motherhood. Fortunately, the new mom has a laidback approach to makeup and beauty that keeps things as simple and natural as possible.

I love Chanel foundation. My skin really responds well to it, and it allows my skin to show through, still illuminate, and keeps my face feeling moist. I also like Bare Escentuals, especially with lipsticks and that sort of thing, because you eat so much of your makeup. I like Fresh Sugar lip balms that have tinted moisturizer in them, so it’s not such a strong colour and you’re getting moisture.

You know, when I was younger, I used to wash it every day. Now my thing is I actually don’t wash it that much. It helps the oils build up in your hair, and makes your hair stronger, because my hair would just dry out and frizz. I realized as I got older, you’re stripping your hair of all the natural oils that you need. I sometimes use Moroccanoil, just to give it that shine.

Skin Care
It’s changed at this point, but usually I work with a product called SkinTx, which is a 12-step product line. It adheres to the idea of constant regeneration of the cells in your face, and getting rid of the old ones, exfoliating that off, and then providing a lot of really good moisture and anti-aging creams and vitamin C serum.
But I’m fairly basic; I just keep everything really hydrated, clean and as fresh as possible. When I’m not working, I wear very little makeup, so that my skin can breathe, and I just buy a lot of sunscreen and moisturizer.

This year, being pregnant, I got myself a trainer. I’ve never had a trainer before. I did that specifically because I wanted to train properly and do the proper types of exercises that are needed at this time in my life. This year’s focus is to be healthy and to maintain for my baby. After that, I can get into punishing myself a little bit more!

I’m eating more often during the day now, so I don’t get the huge sugar crashes and then eat things that I shouldn’t be eating. I do have a heavier protein, little bit less carbs, diet but I still believe carbs are necessary because they help break down the protein. My father-in-law says this, “You eat like a king in the morning, a prince in the afternoon and a pauper in the evening.” It’s minimizing those heavier foods to the beginning of the day. Then after, it’s just sticking with a more strict diet of protein and greens and less sugar.

Original Published in Real Style Magazine Winter 2014 / 2015

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