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Check Out The Latest Yoga Fitness Craze – Bodhi


If you thought Yoga was all about stretching on the ground, think again. The latest craze to come out of Hollywood involves ropes tied to the ceiling and hanging upside down. It’s not as crazy as you think, and you could get a really good work-out from doing it.

Bodhi, pronounced  bode-ee, means enlightenment or awakening. It’s a Buddhist concept about helping one reach nirvana. In the new fitness craze however it involved two ropes tied to the ceiling or a high bar, that one suspends oneself from. It helps improve posture, core strength and muscle tone. It’s basically a form of suspension-training Pilates.

This form of training is starting to be called the Super Model Workout, due to the popularity among them, and is something Gwyneth Platrow is doing as well. It’s not for everyone though, and you should consult a physical trainer before attempting it. It’s also not for the shy of heart, because you’ll be wanting to be wearing lycra or other tight clothing because you will be hanging upside down at times.

Photo: OneLifeStudio Instagram

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