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B Fragranced Founder Marilyn Jones On Summer Fragrance


As the founder of fragrance line B Fragranced, Marilyn Jones believes that scent and memories are interconnected. Jones launched her perfume brand a year and a half ago, with the memory of her mother’s signature perfume in mind. While Jones lost her mother to breast cancer when she was just five years old, she had always remembered her mother’s scent over the years.

Her new Summer 2015 fragrance Embellish is made with notes of apple, peach, lemon, base notes of amber and sandalwood and hints of jasmine and honeysuckle. We caught up with the perfume entrepreneur about her latest eau de parfum, finding your own signature scent and the key to fragrance that lasts all day, despite the rising temperatures.

Real Style: What can you tell us about your new Summer 2015 scent, Embellish?

Marilyn: It was more of a memory of my mom, but it’s not as if Embellish smells like my mom. It’s fun, it’s classy, it’s something you could wear in the office. We have some nice tones in there, we don’t have a lot of strong musk because we wanted it to be soft and kind of romantic. When you think of Embellish and the brand ME, the thing we enjoy most is when someone asks you “You smell nice, which fragrance are you wearing”- you can just say “Me!”


Real Style: Do you have a favourite type of fragrance for the warmer months?

Marilyn: For summer, I’d definitely say fruity, because when you think of summer you think of watermelon, peaches and plum. That’s a major hit for summertime, with more calm, soft notes of apple, cinnamon and vanilla as you get into the fall. Those scents are heavy, and they’re also a bit thicker than your light, fruity summer fragrances.

Real Style: What are your best tips for finding your signature scent?

Marilyn: It depends on the tones. Some people tend to get headaches, because the scent is too strong. I would definitely say lay it softly on the musk, because the strong tones that are in a lot of the musk fragrances tend to drive the headaches.

Also, definitely look for a year round fragrance as well. On the other hand, you also have what are called “wardrobers”, and those are the people who wear different fragrances all the time. They don’t really think “this is my summer fragrance and this is my winter fragrance.” They think of it more as a wardrobe- like the way you would put on a different shirt or scarf.

Real Style: What are your top ways to make perfume last throughout a long, hot summer day?

Marilyn: It’s always about “banking up.” When we say banking up, it means loading up on the perfume- not drowning yourself in the fragrance, but adding layers. The reason why people tend to buy gift sets is because you have more than just the fragrance itself. I’ll tell you a big underlying secret- you can definitely use Vaseline to hold the fragrance. When you sweat, you’re running off some of the fragrance that you have on you. You won’t smell it as long, but if you layer up with it and use a shower gel or lotion that is in the same scent, it’ll last longer because you have an added layer.

Real Style: In your opinion, how does perfume help to complete a beauty statement?

Marilyn: As I think about my mom, it’s the lasting memory that you have of someone. You may not remember what they had on. You may be able to identify the earrings or the skirt, but you’ll definitely remember the smell. It’s the last memorable statement that you have when you leave a room. You’re still there, even when you’re not there!

Photos: B Fragranced 

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