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Anna Silk – The Lost Girl Star On Makeup Hair And Her Beauty Routine

anna silk

Anna Silk knows a thing or two about being sexy – the star of Lost Girl does play a succubus on the show after all. The supernatural series, now going into its final season, became a hit almost instantly when it first debuted on TV screens in 2010. In real life, though, Silk prefers a simple, clean look over the vampy costumes and makeup that she wears on set. The Fredericton, New Brunswick, star shares her secrets to looking gorgeous – on and off set.

You’re lucky: You get to try out different looks when you’re on set.
Yeah, it’s funny, when I work with new makeup artists, they try and put me in red lips. They say, with the dark hair, it’s going to look so good, and then they see really it’s not good. Usually they have to put it on me to see it’s not good. But yeah, I’m lucky I get to play around at work every day.

Has the show influenced the way you think about yourself?
Well, the character I play is really confident, and her confidence came from fear and insecurity-I felt like I could kind of relate. I think when you’re seen as this really confident character, it can trickle into your own life. I’ve definitely learned from this character and the show.

Lost Girl has such a big following; do you find it hard to go out of the house now without makeup?
[Laughs] I do, actually! I might run into someone who knows the show and is really excited about it. I don’t doll myself up to go to the grocery store, but I will take a second look in the mirror before I leave the house on a weekend or whenever.

On makeup days, what are your go-to products and tricks?
Because I wear so much makeup at work, I don’t like to wear too much. A sun block, usually from Dermalogica, a little bit of foundation, from Koh Gen Do, which I love-I find when I do that little concoction I get the most compliments on my skin. I’ll put that on with a little bit of powder and some
really light blush, with a little mascara and a tinted lip balm. If I’m going out in the evening, I’ll put on black eyeliner.

What about skin?
I have really sensitive skin, actually. I have to really stay on top of it, otherwise it’s not so great. In order to keep it great, I really have to watch what I eat and have a great dermatologist. I just try and take really good care of it. I find when you find products that really work really for you, stick to your routine. When I veer away from my routine, that’s when I get breakouts or more sensitivity.

How do you look after your hair?
I’m not so great at doing my hair, I have to admit. The best way to handle it is to let it do its natural thing and put it in a topknot—that’s my favourite trick right now.

Who do you find beautiful?
Of course I find my mother and grandmother beautiful. I find that people, tend to be the most beautiful when they’re happy. People that embrace their individuality too.

Originally Published In Real Style Magazine Fall 2014

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